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Brasilitalia, Polypoetry magazine
Issue number zero of the magazine, in association with Istituto Italiano di Cultura and Catholic Pontificial University of Sao Paolo do Brasil
Enzo Minarelli - Seen by Dean Suzuki
Enzo Minarelli - Seen by Philadelpho Menezes
Enzo Minarelli - Seen by Larry Wendt
Enzo Minarelli - Seen by Nicholas Zurbrugg
Festival di Poesia Sonora/Sound Poetry Festival
V network internazionale di sperimentazione multimediale / 5th international network of multimedia experiments
Enzo Minarelli Coralmente me stesso
i più recenti polipoemi sonori CD 75'/the latest sound polypoems CD 75 minutes
le videopoesie sonore-le videoinstallazioni-le fonografie-le performances di Polipoesia - cassetta di un'ora VHS Colore Pal /soundpoetry videos-videoinstallation-phonographies-Polypoetry performances- one hour colour VHS PAL
Enzo Minarelli a ParmaPoesia '98
3rd VideoSoundPoetry Festival / VideoSoundPoetry Festival terza edizione
Link Bologna - Galleria d'Arte Moderna Bologna, autunno 1998

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3ViTre Archive of Polypoetry has been founded by Enzo Minarelli in 1983. Its main role consists in gathering up systematically all that has been produced by poetical experimentation both at the visual and oral area (sound poetry, visual poetry) poetry performance and videopoetry. The Archive has up to now reached an amount over the 500 hours of sound poetry works which are collected in audiocassettes, records and CDs, including all the italian poets and a well documented range of the foreign ones. In the field of video-production, the Archive collection includes under the target ‘Videopoetry’ about two hundred hours of programs belonging to italian and foreign poets. Next to this cataloguing, 3Vitre Archive is involved in issuing or editing records, audiocassettes and CDs. With the aim of promoting even spreading the collected material, the Archive has been organizing since the first Eighties several events related to the field of poetical experimentation.

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