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Enzo Minarelli Project for ParmaPoesia '98

Galleria d'Arte Alphacentauri
Parma 23 april / 23 may 1998
vernissage 23rd april


70X100, Fabriano paper, technique:colour spray, writing in Spanish and French languages

Series of 18 visual works, never exibited in Italy, done at the end of the '80es.

They are, practically, visual scores which using the pattern of the five lines, develops the sonority of the word, exploiting the function of the colour, the place of the word on the white space of the paper. A verbal-visual movement against the staticity of the writing.


performance by Enzo Minarelli (Polypoetry 7) 1998


  1. Musicamimica Musicamimica (Musicmimic musicmimic)
    (making music with the help of the hands in the language of the old Egypt) 1'50"
  2. Cantico spirituale di San Juan de la Cruz (San Juan de la Cruz spiritual song)
    (caught in the moment of declaring his divine love) 1'50"
  3. Coralmente me stesso (Chorally myself)
    to Monte Andrea, end of the 13th century, 2'15"
  4. Camp concert, I had a dream
    to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Carinzia august 1994, 4'10"
  5. Poema erotico ispano-brasiliano (Erotic hispanic-brazilian poem)
    to César Vallejo, 3'

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